Why You Should Give Podcasts a Try

Sometimes you need a mind-blowing TV series, movie or podcast to help clear off the toxic thoughts that could be going on through your mind. Fortunately, these days the technology seems to have come in handy to provide the solutions that we have been looking for. The Small Town Dicks is a podcast that has the potential to be your number one source of entertainment.

If you like crime and detective stories, then you can be sure to find the podcast very helpful. Most people who have had an opportunity to listen to the Small Town Dicks podcast will tell you that they like every episode in the podcast.

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When looking for a podcast, you would want something that will entertain you instead of waste your time. Although there are many content creators on the internet, the truth is that not most of them take time to research about the content that they give to their consumers. Therefore, you need to be particular when trying to identify podcasts that are truly entertaining like the Small Town Dicks. Here are some of the essential qualities that an intriguing podcast should have.

Interesting Plot

People tune in because they want to enjoy the story. However, this is not going to come easily if the plot is not interesting. One way of making a plot interesting is by ensuring that the viewers can relate. Also, believable dialogue is very important in the success of any podcast.

Good Characters

charactersCharacters are essential in telling any story. If the scriptwriter is unable to bring their characters well perfectly, there are high chances that the story will not be interesting. Essentially, it is the characters who are supposed to bring out the story. The way characters look, act, and speak is essential in enticing them to move with the story. If viewers cannot empathize or celebrate with the characters, that is an indication that there is a problem with the episode in question.


Every show needs to have a conflict. It is the conflict that will determine whether or not the show will be interesting. Even in real-life situations,it is the conflict that leads to the most interesting and fascinating situations. The conflict should flow in such a way that it can create great tension among the characters as well as the viewers.…