How to Create Your Drum Sounds in Serum

As a musician, it is your responsibility to ensure that you find a professional producer who will help you create hits. However, when you are looking for a producer, you need to ensure that they know all the aspects that you need to use in your songs. For instance, it is advisable to ensure that you choose a producer who knows how to use the serum versatile beat.If you’re going to create your drum sounds in serum, here are the steps you need to consider.

Synthesizing Drums

As a producer, you need to understand that synth is not the best place to turn when you want to generate drum sounds. It is even advisable to utilize the recorded acoustic samples for playback than using sound synthesis. But if you choose to synthesize your drum, know that there are critical steps that you need to consider.

Synthesizing Drum Resonance


Another essential step that you need to consider in this process is synthesizing drum resonance. It is among the perfect and classic methods that a producer can apply in your music. Once used in your music, it creates a kind of transient snap that helps the producer know the type of effects to add later. If you are a professional and experienced producer, you can decide to apply the same envelope to the tone or use a separate envelope.

Applying Effects and Filtering

When you are creating a given beat, you may notice that it is lacking some finesse that you can get in the serum’s powerful effects and filtering processing sections. If you want to get a more and controlled kick sound, consider using a low pass filtering. It is also advisable to use the filter drive section to the song to lend more heft and body. Using a Serum compressor module can also help put different multi-band together to offer a direct and powerful sound.

Sequencing Percussive Patterns

If you have reached this point, then this means that you have collected all the details that you need to use an LFO to close your drum sounds. With LFO, you can use your drum to sequence patterns. If you want to create a hit hat sound, make sure that you use the transient drum. In doing this, you will have created a drum sequence in Xfer Serum.…

Why You Should Give Podcasts a Try

Sometimes you need a mind-blowing TV series, movie or podcast to help clear off the toxic thoughts that could be going on through your mind. Fortunately, these days the technology seems to have come in handy to provide the solutions that we have been looking for. The Small Town Dicks is a podcast that has the potential to be your number one source of entertainment.

If you like crime and detective stories, then you can be sure to find the podcast very helpful. Most people who have had an opportunity to listen to the Small Town Dicks podcast will tell you that they like every episode in the podcast.

tv show

When looking for a podcast, you would want something that will entertain you instead of waste your time. Although there are many content creators on the internet, the truth is that not most of them take time to research about the content that they give to their consumers. Therefore, you need to be particular when trying to identify podcasts that are truly entertaining like the Small Town Dicks. Here are some of the essential qualities that an intriguing podcast should have.

Interesting Plot

People tune in because they want to enjoy the story. However, this is not going to come easily if the plot is not interesting. One way of making a plot interesting is by ensuring that the viewers can relate. Also, believable dialogue is very important in the success of any podcast.

Good Characters

charactersCharacters are essential in telling any story. If the scriptwriter is unable to bring their characters well perfectly, there are high chances that the story will not be interesting. Essentially, it is the characters who are supposed to bring out the story. The way characters look, act, and speak is essential in enticing them to move with the story. If viewers cannot empathize or celebrate with the characters, that is an indication that there is a problem with the episode in question.


Every show needs to have a conflict. It is the conflict that will determine whether or not the show will be interesting. Even in real-life situations,it is the conflict that leads to the most interesting and fascinating situations. The conflict should flow in such a way that it can create great tension among the characters as well as the viewers.…

How To Be The Best: Fortnite

Fortnite, as being one of the most played computer game of our time, have surely entertained millions of people around the world. Players around the world compete and show their skills and strategies on the game with the aim to increase their stats at Fortnite. Not only it enhances your gaming skills, but it also heightens your leadership and interpersonal skills.

Many gamers nowadays aim to become the greatest on their favorite games, but to be able to do that, you must have a specific set of skills and abilities to outgrow all your opponents. Yes, you can say that Fortnite is just another game that anyone can play, but not everyone can become good at it.

Here are some tips to help you get better with Fortnite:

# 1 Get familiar with the map
When you start to play Fortnite, you’ll begin to know which parts of the game map is the best to land on. Either you are the aggressive killer or the waiter. Finding the best spot for you will help you win the game. Also, there are parts of the map where it is best to hide or sneak, take note of them as you will definitely benefit from it. You may hide on those spots, and you will never forget to double check those places if someone is hiding in there.

# 2 Structures
Fortnite is unlike other first-person shooting games. Other than aiming to kill the opponents, you must build your fort to help you be safe or aid in finding other players to kill. You must have enough resources to be able to create these structures. The higher your position is, the more that you will be able to see other players and kill them ahead of time. It is an advantage also when you need to heal; you can build walls to act as shields to prevent you from getting further damage while you heal.

# 3 Play style
In Fortnite, you need to be inside the circle as much as possible, if not, it will hurt your character and may cause you to lose the game. Either you are the player that stays in the middle of the circle and wait for opponents to come or the other one that stays on the edges of the circle and attacks the ones that are already inside. Of course, it will depend on what suits you better.…